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An Observation Of The State Of The Nation

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Look. Here’s the deal. The world is broken, we get that, but let’s talk about the US here for a minute ok?

Yes American is unhealthy in just about every way possible. We’re sick, we’re fat, we’re economically tanked, our moral compass is in the red and flatlining, we’re selfish, we’re greedy, we pretty much stole this land and nearly decimated those who were living here before us. We’re overindulgent, capable of great cruelty and incredible levels of stupidity. We’re failing our kids in education and most don’t givemoral-compass shit to learn anything of value anyway.

We’d rather backbite, kill each other, sit and play video games all day, find creative ways to insult or degrade others, traffic drugs & people.

We’re intolerant at levels I can barely fathom. We shove religion down peoples throats without respecting what they believe and yet rarely practice what we preach. We swindle, cheat, lie, and have a government and corporate world that care only about themselves and finding more creative ways to propagate all of the above every day.

Our media shovels negativity down our throats everyday by picking and choosing what they publish, twisting the truth and pushing their own agenda all in the name of ratings.


US Fail

The government, media, lobbyists, special interest groups, banks, corporations and countless others; they want us to be divided. They want to keep us fighting amongst ourselves and focusing on all that stuff over here in order to keep us preoccupied from everything they’re doing over there.

And we feed into it. Everywhere we turn we are poisoning our air with negativity instead of planting the trees of positivity that are needed to clean it.

But here’s the thing – we don’t have to add to it.


We can choose to be part of the solution instead of adding to the problem. We can choose our words carefully and instead of focusing on hate and vile, we can choose to change our focus and thoughts on the the small rays of sunshine that are all around us every day. They’re there, we just have to CHOOSE to see them and focus on them. The more we talk about how broken this country is. The more we talk about how America “sucks”, we are only becoming part of the very thing we don’t like. Instead of grandiose statements of “God people suck.” instead look at the specific things, “Did you hear about those farmers in Illinois who harvested hundreds of acres for a man with terminal cancer?” (true story).

Everyday, every moment, we have an opportunity to share a smile instead of put our head down and ignore those walking by. We can take a deep breath and relax instead of cussing out the driver that cut us off. Our thoughts have energy just as much as our actions, just as much as our words. Having 250 million people focusing on bad, permeates the bad. Focus on the good and the world changes.

I challenge each person who reads this to look at the list of terribly, horrible, very bad things, you are contributing to and make the effort to change it. Each day, make the effort to look for something good. A news story, a person you meet, something you saw or did and share that. Focus on that. Eventually that will grow and someday we just might find ourselves living in a very different world. Don’t be part of the problem, be the solution. – There is good in the world. There is good in America. We just have to help it grow.


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