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An Observation Of The State Of The Nation

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Look. Here’s the deal. The world is broken, we get that, but let’s talk about the US here for a minute ok?

Yes American is unhealthy in just about every way possible. We’re sick, we’re fat, we’re economically tanked, our moral compass is in the red and flatlining, we’re selfish, we’re greedy, we pretty much stole this land and nearly decimated those who were living here before us. We’re overindulgent, capable of great cruelty and incredible levels of stupidity. We’re failing our kids in education and most don’t givemoral-compass shit to learn anything of value anyway.

We’d rather backbite, kill each other, sit and play video games all day, find creative ways to insult or degrade others, traffic drugs & people.

We’re intolerant at levels I can barely fathom. We shove religion down peoples throats without respecting what they believe and yet rarely practice what we preach. We swindle, cheat, lie, and have a government and corporate world that care only about themselves and finding more creative ways to propagate all of the above every day.